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Do you know that special someone that strives to make a difference in their career and the profession? Please nominate them or yourself as a candidate for "Practit1oner of the Year". The nominee must be licensed and a member of the AARC/ISRC.

Using one page only, give a detailed description of why the nominee should be "Practitioner of the Year". Include examples of character traits, credentials, work ethic, community service/hospital service, shared knowledge, compassion, quality patient care and wellness, team spirit, leadership and how the nominee promotes and support the Respiratory Care profession.

Also include the nominee's name and contact information, also include the nominators, workplace and telephone number.

The winner will be awarded a plaque and a full registration to the 2015 convention.

Nominations are being accepted now.  Download Word Document - PDF - Online Form

Deadline for submissions is April 30th, 2016

Mail your nomination to:
Webmaster - Matt Kincaid
Illinois Society for Respiratory Care
9840 Southwest Highway
Oak Lawn, IL 60453
E-Mail: Webmaster

"The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra. " Andrew Williams

Legacy Award Recipients

The inspiration for the Legacy Award came from the passing of Andrew Williams and Frank Davis, and the realization that like other giants who had gone before them, during their lifetimes they had never been recognized for their tremendous contributions to the profession of Respiratory Care in Illinois. Awards existed such as the Practitioner of The Year Award recognizing outstanding annual achievement of an ISRC member, and the President's Award recognizing outstanding annual achievement of an ISRC officer, but there was no recognition or celebration of persons who have dedicated major portions of their lives to the development, improvement and advancement of our profession; in other words persons who through their vision, vitality and diligence have significantly impacted the profession of Respiratory Care as it is practiced today in Illinois. These are persons who have created a Legacy.

 Nomination form may be downloaded by clicking -   PDF  -  DOC  -


RCP of The Year

  • 2015 Ellen Moran
  • 2014 Joshua Wilson
  • 2013 David Vines
  • 2010 Jackie Brenchley
  • 2009 Ed Green
  • 2008 Beverly Lullo
  • 2007 Stephanie Dorfman
  • 2006 Nancy Marshall
  • 2005 Lynn Harms
  • 2004 Mary Tyrell
  • 2004 Manny Likou

Legacy Award

  • 2015 Brian Lawlor
  • 2014 Nancy Marshall
  • 2013 Lisa Zaenger
  • 2012 Trudy Watson
  • 2011 John Walton
  • 2010 Terry Des jardins
  • 2009 Doug McQueary
  • 2008 Deborah Linhart
  • 2007 Jim Sills
  • 2006 Rick Fleming
  • 2005 Ray Kalinsky
  • 2005 Ray Lehner
  • 2005 Leona Penn



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