About Us

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ISRC was formed to encourage, develop and provide educational programs for those persons interested in the field of Respiratory Care. In addition, the goals are to advance the Science, technology, ethics and art of Respiratory Care through appropriate institutes, meetings, lectures, preparation and distribution of a newsletter, and any additional materials and procedures deemed suitable for this purpose.

IRSC is also dedicated to facilitating cooperation between Respiratory Care personnel and the medical profession, allied health professions, hospitals, service companies, industry and other agencies within the state interested in Respiratory Care.


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Organizational Information

ISCR leadership is comprised of officers and a Board of Directors. Officer Positions include: President, a President-Elect, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Immediate Past President.

Members are part of local chapters which are set-up geographically. Currently there are 6 Chapters. For more information on the ISRC organization, please refer to the Bylaws

ISRC Bylaws