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ISRC Advocacy Update

February 16, 2023 It’s 2023 and both Lexie Caraway and I are ready to re-energize our efforts this year as we have specific AARC outlined goals we want to achieve in 2023 Our AARC PACT 2023 DC trip this year will be LIVE…we’ll be back in Washington DC to meet! Our meeting dates are Sept 25-26th. This is later in the year than we usually meet which gives us more time to prepare. Our agenda for our 2023 DC PACT is forthcoming from the AARC so we will update the ISRC on that front as soon as we can. Here are our Goals for 2023! GOAL # 1 – We need to make sure 100% of our IL Congressional Districts have at least 1 RT constituent as a District Rep (2 RT’s for each Congressional District is preferred) Although each states AARC Co-Chair(s)will represent all the RT’s in their respective state when they attend their Congressional District mtgs, it makes a difference when their constituent is there to also speak to the issues at hand. If you are interested in advocating for our profession and our patients, please consider becoming an AARC IL District Rep! We will be meeting remotely at least Quarterly during the year so we can meet each other and talk about issues/activities we are involved in.  As we get closer to the 2023 DC PACT Meeting, we’ll communicate more frequently as we solidify our scheduled visits and activities surrounding our Virtual Lobby Campaign 2023!  Reach outRead More
Dad With Sick Child Feature

How Can I Tell if My Child Has RSV?

By Laura Hegwer With all the news about RSV surging in infants and toddlers, you may be wondering what to do if your kid gets a stuffy nose or fever this fall. You’re in good company — even parents who work as pediatric health care providers struggle sometimes.“It’s hard as a parent to decipher your child’s symptoms because toddlers are often sniffling and coughing,” says Anne Geistkemper, MSc, RRT, a neonatal pediatric respiratory therapy manager at ... Read More »
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Health professionals discuss when to seek medical attention for RSV

CHICAGO — RSV or Respiratory Syncytial Virus, is a common seasonal illness that often sparks panic in parents. Doctors say many of the symptoms can be treated at home, safely and effectively. But knowing when to seek medical attention is critical. “It’s definitely unprecedented, which is the common word for what we are seeing right now,” Rush Respiratory Therapist Anne Geistkemper said. SEE COMPLETE STORY
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Welcome New Members!

The ISRC would like to extend a welcome to the following individuals to the AARC and the Illinois affiliate: Samuel Ades Melissa DeMiglio George Kunnel Stavan Sutaria Rosie Woods Kelly Hoerchler Jason Mabry Amy Terstriep Vicky Yarbrough Isabella Hooker Jasalyn Ruiz Bradley Wells Whether you are a new member, a returning member, or a young professional in a respiratory education program, the Illinois Society of Respiratory Care is delighted to have you ... Read More »