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Happy Holidays!

Respiratory Care has seen an incredible demand for our special skills and talents over these last three years! COVID, RSV and Flu has much of the public understanding better what Respiratory Therapists deal with every day. At RUSH, we have seen our workloads reach levels that are only surpassed by the peak of the COVID pandemic in April & May 2020. All healthcare systems are facing staffing challenges at the same time, leading to increases in expense as they use alternative methods to find RTs to provide patient care. Demand for agency staffing remains high in many areas, including Respiratory Care, which leads to more full-time staff chasing the short-term, high-dollar pay of temporary staffing. How do we start to dig our way out of this snow-bank and begin the slow process of moving forward?

Finding creative ways to be competitive for staff to hire and to retain ...Read More

is necessary. Look to see what the market is offering and then work with the HR Compensation team to build a package that is attractive to new graduates, experienced RTs looking for a change, and current staff that want reasons to remain loyal. How can the ISRC help in these efforts? Attend one of the conferences offered to learn more about how successful organizations have restructured pay guidelines, created sign-on bonuses and implemented retention bonuses. Build a strong rapport with the Compensation team and encourage routine 6-month market analysis to keep the pay grades in a competitive range and communicate with your teams on what you are doing for their financial futures.

The NBRC is doing a lot of work to advertise around the need for more RTs. Please go to to keep up with their many campaigns to build the profession. They are also driving change with a new process to earn credentials, and even adding to the credentials you can earn with the AE-C coming in-house.

The ISRC has been busy with many activities to bring value to IL RTs. Our new website has new features and information for you to explore. Events will be posted here for the IL State conference and the multitude of conferences happening in the different chapters throughout the state. Keep coming back to see the latest opportunities you’ll have for new knowledge and CRCE’s! We are also working with our State Legislatures and Representatives to encourage IDFPR to reallocate staff to address the applications for licensure for all healthcare applicants. It would greatly benefit our many healthcare providers to have new applicants earn their licenses as quickly as possible to join the workforce and help fill the many open positions across the state. The ISRC also is working to develop the new role of the Advanced Practice Respiratory Therapist. This growth in the profession would greatly benefit our patients across the many different platforms where they receive Respiratory Care Services. Find out more at one of our conferences to hear the latest updates.

I wish for everyone a phenomenal new year without any new respiratory-viral pandemics for the coming future! I look forward to the growth of our Respiratory Care profession in the next few years!

Steve Mosakowski
ISRC President

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