Tobacco and Smoking Cessation Training


Respiratory therapists have a unique opportunity to talk with people in a variety of settings regarding tobacco use. However, many RTs may not be comfortable with the often difficult conversation of tobacco cessation. The Clinician Training on Tobacco Dependence for Respiratory Therapists course was designed specifically for the respiratory therapist to increase the proficiency and comfort level in the 5A’s (and AAR) model for tobacco intervention and in pharmacotherapy recommendations. This course provides the RT with guidance for delivery of personalized, tailored tobacco cessation interventions that can be offered in a variety of environments. The tobacco and smoking cessation training consists of multiple videos focusing on epidemiology of tobacco use, nicotine pharmacology and principles of addiction, nicotine and non-nicotine pharmacotherapy, assisting patients with quitting, motivational interviewing, reimbursement, and systems change. In addition, special situations such as tobacco users who are pregnant, teens who use tobacco, and cardiac patients who use tobacco are addressed in this 5.0 CRCE program. This program addresses the need for tailored, interactive, behaviorally focused video examples to demonstrate appropriate interactions with the tobacco user.