2022 ISRC Practitioner of the Year

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Congratulations to Muhaned Salem for being chosen as the 2022 Illinois RCP of the Year! His nomination letter is below.

With everything we’ve been through since 2020, multiple waves in 2021, and the great migration, Muhaned hasn’t skipped a beat. He has consistently showed up, often more than required. He dove into new opportunities to help his colleagues by cross training to the adult ICUs during COVID and is one of the few people to keep that skill up. But most importantly, his attitude and outlook have succumbed to anything shy of “we will get through it.” To have a leader who can not only have a positive view on the challenges they face, but also continue to show up and show others how to navigate it is something that needs to be acknowledged and recognized. I think we all agree that 2020 was one of the most challenging years for our profession, but I think 2021 was just as challenging because we had to learn and adapt to an evolving “new normal” with constant unknowns. Muhaned saw the challenge, stepped up, pivoted, and didn’t let any of the negativity or the great migration affect his outlook on the goals that he has for his team. #ISRC #respiratorytherapy #AARC