2022 Legacy Award

John Scaggs 400x400

2022 Legacy Award Winner is John Scaggs. His nomination letter is below. Congrats, John!

John has impacted 40 years in Respiratory Care, teaching generations of RTs , physicians, and so many others. In the 1980s he led the Memorial Medical Center’s team which was instrumental in the development of modern patient driven protocols. His research and subsequent published work won AARC awards in the 1980s. He remains a favorite preceptor amongst the students, creating exquisite feedback , detailing strengths and opportunities for each student under his care.
A few years ago he lectured on current evidence for ARDS management that kept me on the edge of my seat. The next year I was tickled to hear him challenge a speaker on the evidence presented. I was fortunate to spend the last few months at Springfield Memorial Hospital watching him in action at the bedside and soaking up knowledge. He advocates for his patients fearlessly and mentors smart young RTs who are our future. He exudes passion for “doing what is right” based on ethics and current evidence. He is a treasured mentor.