Monthly Archives: April 2022

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AARC Advocates for Telehealth in Larger Medicare Package

Although Congressional actions on the bipartisan infrastructure package passed by the Senate and the President’s reconciliation bill to advance his social spending plans are still ongoing, we anticipate that making certain telehealth provisions permanent will be back on the radar ... Read More
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AARC DC PACT 2022 Agenda – Time To Prepare

It’s already March 2022! Our AARC PACT Congressional meeting timeframe and legislative agenda is being set up and finalized. We wanted to send out what we know, at this time, to gear up one and all as we’ll need everyone’s ... Read More
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Health professionals discuss when to seek medical attention for RSV

CHICAGO — RSV or Respiratory Syncytial Virus, is a common seasonal illness that often sparks panic in parents. Doctors say many of the symptoms can be treated at home, safely and effectively. But knowing when to seek medical attention is ... Read More